A new feature has been made available on iOS for WhatsApp, one of India’s most widely used instant messaging programs, and in other international countries. A new upgrade for the company’s iOS app has just been released. With the latest update, iOS users of WhatsApp may now copy text from photos. However, users of iOS have only been able to access it as a standalone feature within the Pictures app. With the introduction of the new version of WhatsApp, users may access the function without leaving the messaging app and using the Pictures app.

WhatsApp Developing A New Text Detection Feature

The ability to extract text from shared photographs is a feature of the most recent iOS beta update for WhatsApp, version 23.5.77. If you have heard of a similar capacity, you must know this is one of the iOS 16 features. This is known as Live text, and it allows you to extract text from videos and pictures so that you may copy it, look it up, or even share it.

By utilizing the iOS 16 API, WhatsApp has been given access to the same features, and you can even translate the content if necessary. If this also applies to WhatsApp videos, we are unsure. According to the WABetaInfo article, both the feature and the ability to communicate Voice Statuses have begun to trickle out to certain stable users. I couldn’t utilize it, though, just yet. We anticipate a continuous deployment.

For those unaware, Voice Statuses, which were only introduced, have lately begun to be broadly distributed to iOS users. After being updated, the “Create Status” option under the Status tab will now have a microphone icon. Then, when you are satisfied with the audio recording, you can upload it as a vanishing story.

When this ability is finally accessible to everyone is still to be confirmed. We’ll update you on this for sure. Stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com for news updates.