WhatsApp, the company under the Meta umbrella, is set to jazz up your conversations with a new feature – the ability to create and share short personal videos directly in your chats. In a recent blog post on Thursday, WhatsApp announced that the rollout of this feature has commenced, and everyone will be able to enjoy it in the upcoming weeks.

These instant video messages bring a real-time touch to your chats, allowing you to convey your thoughts in a lively 60-second video format. According to WhatsApp, this feature is all about injecting more emotion into your conversations. Whether its sending birthday wishes, sharing a laugh over a joke, or delivering exciting news – video messages add that extra dimension to your communication.

Mark Zuckerberg shared a demo video on Facebook, showcasing how easy it is to record and share video messages. You can either switch from the existing voice message option or tap the icon to begin recording. Holding down the video camera icon captures your video, and swiping up lets you record hands-free. The feature includes flipping to the front camera, checking the time elapsed, canceling by sliding to the left, and the video itself takes on a circular shape.

WhatsApp is assuring users that video messages are end-to-end encrypted, prioritizing privacy. These video messages auto-play on mute in a chat, with a simple tap starting the sound. The cherry on top – these video messages will be stored in your chat history until you choose to delete them.

Meta has been on a roll, introducing a series of new features to WhatsApp lately. From following channels and locking private chats to editing sent messages and integrating with Wear OS, Meta is making sure WhatsApp users have a full arsenal of tools to enhance their messaging experience. The ability to use WhatsApp across multiple devices and effortlessly transfer messages to a new phone further demonstrates Meta’s commitment to refining their popular messaging platform.