This Instagram feature will be added to WhatsApp, first for Android beta users.

While WhatsApp is moving toward becoming more like Instagram, Meta wants Instagram to be more like TikTok. You may soon be able to respond to status updates with emojis in the same way that you do with Instagram stories.

According to WABetalnfo, Android beta testers will soon have the option to reply to status updates with an emoji. As of right now, WhatsApp beta version has the capability. According to the report, this feature is also being received by some users of beta versions,, and

So what exactly is this feature? Given how simple it is to use, you might have already done so on Instagram. An in-app comment can be left in response to a contact’s status update.
What precisely is this feature then? You may have already used it on Instagram because it is so easy to use. It allows users to respond to their contacts’ status updates using one of the eight available emojis. When seeing the status, you must scroll up and then tap the emoji, much like on Instagram. Additionally, you will receive a notification and an emoji-filled message if someone responds to your status.

Only a small number of beta customers have access to the feature, but it is anticipated that it will be broadly available in the following weeks. The capability to respond to status updates with emojis will likely be included in the stable release once it has been finalized. On whether and when this functionality will be included in the stable version, there is currently no confirmation.

It’s interesting to note that WhatsApp has used an Instagram feature before. In the past, WhatsApp offered the opportunity to respond to messages with emojis and even gave users the freedom to use any emoji they like, exactly like Instagram.

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