Instagram is one of the world’s most popular photo-sharing and messaging apps. People all over the world use this platform to share their personal as well as professional life with virtual friends without any barriers. In addition, the app offers a verified accounts section, which means those accounts are authentic and the user is known and popular. In comparison, this feature is for every user but with certain criteria. And here, we share how you can apply for the verified blue badge on your account on Instagram.

Steps To Request For Blue Badge On Your IG Account.

Firstly make sure that you are logged in to the account you are filing a request for the badge.

Next step, tap on the small account picture icon toward the bottom to go on your profile.

After That, tap the three lines above and the settings option.

In the fourth step, tap Account and then request Verification.

In the fifth step, fill up your full name and provide the necessary identification form. (Like, government-issued photo ID or any legit proof of citizenship.)

Once you finish filling in all the on-screen instructions, tap on Submit.

By submitting, Instagram will receive your request. And then it will revert you with whatever the decision will be.

Also, if you don’t receive any notice, it is better to wait. As if you resend the request, Instagram will cancel your request and won’t allow it or even disable your account.

Mostly blue verified badge accounts are of celebrities like sports personalities, film stars, influencers, comedians, and other authentic and popular people.

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