Using one of the finest cameras for photography and videography puts the best photographs within grasp, or at the very least, increases our chances of getting the perfect shot. With so many cameras on the market, ranging from DSLRs to mirrorless, deciding which one to buy can be difficult, especially because each manufacturer touts their cameras as “the greatest” in some way. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of our absolute favorites so you don’t have to.

Once you’ve gotten past the tiny and smartphone camera varieties, there are two primary sorts of cameras on the market: DSL and mirrorless. The key difference is that DSLRs employ a mirror and prism set up to direct the view through the viewfinder down the lens, whereas mirrorless cameras use the viewfinder as a screen to watch a live feed from the camera sensor. Mirrorless cameras are a newer technology that is smaller and lighter than traditional cameras.

1)Sony Alpha A7 III

A low light behemoth, the Sony A7 III can practically see and focus in the dark.


Type: Mirrorless

Sensor: 24.2MP, Full-frame 35mm

Lens mount: E-mount

ISO range: 50-51200 (204800 for stills)

Viewfinder size/resolution: 0.5-inch, 2.35 million dots

Video capability: 4K UHD 30FPS

Weight: 650g

Size: 126.9mm x 95.6mm x 73.7mm

2)Nikon Z6

A beautifully clear EVF makes composing scenes a breeze, it’s great at everything and bad at nothing.


Type: Mirrorless

Sensor: 24.5MP, Full-frame 35mm

Lens mount: Z-mount

ISO range: 100-51200 (204800 expandable)

Viewfinder size/resolution: 0.5-inch, 3.69 million dots

Video capability: 4K UHD 30FPS

Weight: 705g

Size: 134 x 100.5 x 69.5 mm

3)Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

A crazy amount of features sitting in a tiny form factor make the OM-D E-M5 Mark III an easy choice for those wanting to dabble in mirrorless with none of the drawbacks of a smaller system.


Type: Mirrorless

Sensor: 20MP, Micro Four Thirds

Lens mount: Micro Four Thirds mount

ISO range: 200-25600 (64-25600 expandable)

Viewfinder size/resolution: EVF OLED, 2.36m dots

Video capability: C4K 24fps, 4K UHD 30FPS

Weight: 366g

Size: 125.3 x 85.2 x 49.7mm