Akansha might get insulted if she enters Paras Ki Shaadi- Paras Chhabra | IWMBuzz

Paras Chhabra enters into a candid chat with IWMBuzz

Akansha might get insulted if she enters Paras Ki Shaadi-  Paras Chhabra

Most relationships don’t end in a dignified manner and result in a lot of washing dirty linen in public. Something similar has happened between Bigg Boss 13 contestant, Paras Chhabra, and ex Akansha Puri.

Both are taking public potshots at each other, much to the media’s delight.

IWMBuzz spoke to Paras this morning, and he fired a warning bow at Akshansha over rumors that she too might enter his new colors wedding show, Paras Ki Shaadi.

“She should enter at her own risk as she might get insulted. I have already left her, so no chance of starting all over again. My ex had already got a lot of fame talking about me when I was inside Bigg Boss. She also left no stone unturned to defame me,” adds Paras who apparently had made a tattoo carrying Akansha’s name.

Interestingly he did not tell when exactly he had decided to call time on their long-running relationship. “It was over for all practical purposes even before I entered the Bigg Boss house back in September last. She had guilt-tripped me into continuing saying you now dumping me after getting fame. I had then decided to play it by ear as I did not want any negativity to scuttle my new innings. But I guess I moved on in the house itself.” reasons he.

Shifting gears to best friend, Mahira Sharma, Paras cares two hoots about people commenting on their relationship and also his decision to get married so soon.

“Let people say what they want, and if they want to link us up, it is fine as Mahira is a good looking gal. I am in a good phase, also making plenty of moolah, so haters bring it on. I have also ended the assumption that those who take part in Bigg Boss fail to make it big once out. Here I got my second show while being in the house. I not only got fame but even made my mom a well-known face as well.”

Here he refuses to comment on who he likes among his suitors?“Why don’t you watch and find out for yourself?”

In closing, when we ask about his decision to take the money during the Bigg Boss finale, he says, “ I always go by vibes, and I was not getting a very good feeling. This same sixth sense had held me in good stead when I won Splitsvilla back in 2012.”

We wish him luck.

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