Ankitta Sharma of Ek Shringaar – Swabhimaan fame gets into a Rapid Fire tangle with us. Check to know how she performs.

Ankitta Sharma REVEALS her weirdest fear

Ankitta Sharma the talented and good-looking actress who has given great performances in shows Lajwanti, Ek Shringaar – Swabhimaan, Yeh Vaada Raha and the recent web-series Ishq Aaj Kal, loves to pick up roles that are meaty and different.

In a candid chat over our Rapid Fire segment, Ankitta talks about her desires and passion.

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Would you date a fan?

Yes. Why not!?

How would someone get your special attention? 

By being real because that itself is special.

If your house was on fire, what two things would you run back in to get? 

My phone & my wallet

Any tattoos? Where? 


Do you sing in the shower? Is there a favourite song there

 Yes, I do. Whatever the current favourite song is, I sing it

What is your biggest/ weirdest fear?

Shutting my eyes during a shower. That’s weird for sure.

What would be your superpower?

To be able to travel from one place to another with just a snap of my fingers.

What would you like to be remembered about you? 

That I was different

Your priceless possession

 My family

Favourite destination

Cappadocia, Chandigarh

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