We all have seen bad days and struggles but with the time passing by, all that matters is how we learn from the past and see the present as a gift. Well, many Bollywood and television actors have struggled their whole life. Some even after many days in the industry find it difficult to survive. Today, we are going to talk of one such actor who with his hard work and determination emerged as one of the fresh faces of television, the name is Ansh Bagri.

Being born in a poor and struggling family, Ansh Bagri had a tough childhood. Coming from a financially weak background, his mother worked as a laborer at construction sites whereas his father was a scrap dealer. The Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji actor was forced to quit his studies at an early age, 8th standard, and work for his family. Altogether, they were 6 members in a family and Ansh Bangri lost his father and 2 sisters in the past. Now all he knows is to keep working hard, bag more projects, and be the successful person his mother dreamed of.

Ansh Bagri’s life is an inspiration to many small screen actors and even the ones who are dreaming of becoming an actor. If you can work hard and keep your dreams high above all, no one can stop you and the best example is Ansh Bagri. Now he dreams of bringing his sister, mother, and pet to a posh flat in Mumbai. As per www.breakingbuzz.info, the net worth of Ansh Bagri is 1 Million as of 2020.

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