Ansh Bagri the Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji actor recently sustained head injuries after a group of men beat him just outside his home in Delhi, Paschim Vihar.

He was attacked by the men sent by a contractor who was in charge of the construction of Ansh’s house.

Ansh who has filed an FIR at the police station about the attack on him says, “This was an act of vengeance. I did not want to encourage and give work to a man who was wrong. When the constructor got to know I was in Delhi, he sent few men to beat me up. A day earlier to this incident, they broke my scooter. When the men were hitting me, the contractor was filming it as a video. His motive was to defame me.”

“What was surprising was that nearly 25 people who were witness to this incident were simply watching me getting beaten up, and none came to help me. It was so sad to see that humanitarian emotions do not exist. One old guy was the only one who came to my help. By that time, I started bleeding from my head and they ran away,” he explains.

Ansh wants justice and will fight for it. “I want justice to whatever happened to me. I could have died. There were 10 to 12 people hitting me, and there were stones too taken to beat me up. I want the police to take the case seriously. I actually fear for the safety of my mother and sister now. I will go back to Mumbai after few days, and they will be alone. I hope the police supports me and the contractor gets punished. I have also heard that he has done the same to many people. Thanks to media, I have the opportunity to raise my voice. The fight is about the right and wrong and I want the right to win.”