The best part of the lockdown is that I got to spend a lot of time with Divya (Agarwal): Varun Sood | IWMBuzz

Varun Sood talks about his new project MTV Ace The Quarantine

The best part of the lockdown is that I got to spend a lot of time with Divya (Agarwal): Varun Sood

Handsome hunk Varun Sood is all set to turn a host for MTV Ace The Quarantine along with girlfriend Divya Agarwal.

MTV Ace The Quarantine intends to gauge how individuals have aced their skills and are ready to compete against each other to win, despite limited space and resources, amidst the quarantine. Who ‘aces’ the quarantine in the most entertaining way is for the janta to decide.

From cooking to poetry to nailing the make-up look to dancing, making funny videos and so much more, these content creators will get head on to be the ‘Favorite Entertainer’ which will be decided via daily public voting on VOOT. The show will also have some special guests who will add up to all the fun.

In an exclusive conversation with Varun, the actor speaks about the concept, lockdown phase and more. Read here!

What do you think about such a topic for a show?

This is one show which I don’t think has ever been made. I believe content creation has boomed in the last few years. I think people will realize how difficult it is to think of content and present it in front of the audiences. The biggest challenge would be that the contestant won’t have camera persons to record so they will have to do everything on their own. The contestants have learnt a lot from the show and we have also learnt a lot during the process. It was fun to shoot for the show. It is also special for me and Divya as we have actually been part of the show from the creative side along with hosting. Overall in our entire lockdown, we have really given a lot to the show and it is special.

What have you aced in during lockdown?

When the lockdown started I told myself that I will be creating one single piece of content during a day. I have been doing it. I have been watching a lot of videos and learning how to edit a video and also learning different ways of shooting a video. I have always been in front of the camera so I really wanted to know about behind the scene technicalities. I did a lot of study and I have grown as a content creator during this phase.

What has been the best part and worst part about this quarantine for you?

The best part of the lockdown is that I got to spend a lot of time with Divya as well as myself. I went back to a lot of things which I had left as I was constantly working and couldn’t invest my time in those work. I went back to playing guitar. All the sports activities were shut so I couldn’t play basketball hence that was the worst part. Also, I couldn’t meet my friends. Rannvijay bhai (Singha) stays 2 feet away still I couldn’t meet him. But overall it was a good time during the lockdown.

How has your bond evolved with Divya during this phase?

We worked together on this show. Last year, we did a web series in that we worked together. The bond has increased and it is a lot more pure. We know each other a lot better. Married people used to say that if you guys survived during the lockdown then your entire life journey would be smooth. I am really happy that everything went well.

Any final message for fans?

I would request the fans to watch the show and appreciate the hard work and content creators. We all of us have worked really hard. We really want audiences to enjoy the show and learn something from it.

Good luck!

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