Vindhya Tiwari who recently announced her relationship with actor Neel Motwani talks about her to-be-soulmate.

At a time when relationships are very fickle and don’t go beyond the physical, the equation between Vindhya Tiwari and soon to be husband, Neel Motwani (wedding early next year) comes across as a whiff of fresh air.

Vindhya, who has done many shows (Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Maryada…Lekin Kab Tak? etc.), believes in waiting for the right man. “I have always kept away from affairs on set. My guy can’t be just worldly but has to have a spiritual side as well.”

So how did you guys meet?

“Well, we first met each other during the shoot of &TV show, Waaris, but we never got close, for I never really mix around on set. Soon my Waaris track got over and I moved onto my next show, Half Marriage.”

“Around June this year, I suffered a severe foot injury while traveling. Hence, when I was returning to Mumbai, I called up a few friends asking for help with the baggage. As expected, everybody made excuses. I also contacted Neel, thinking that he will also decline. But to my pleasant surprise, he turned up.”

“It did not end here. He helped me a lot around the house and getting stuff. My folks, who were with me, were impressed by his efforts. Mom requested him to continue to chip in saying Vindhya is a strong girl yet sensitive. She also asked me to consider him, given that he genuinely cared for me.”

“Here, I will make a frank admission that, not being sure of his intentions, I did take his help, but did not go out with him, which obviously did not wash down well with Neel.”

“Finally one day, gathering enough courage, he popped the question. He spoke non- stop for an hour, remembering every minor detail about us. By then, I too had started to have feelings for him, so said yes.”

“He immediately proposed marriage, which I liked, for unlike other guys, he was not commitment-phobic,” says Vindhya.

“But I told him very clearly that, coming from a traditional Brahmin family, wedding could only happen if our horoscopes match. And that was a challenge, for I have a special kundali.”

“He seemed confident that it will match. To pull his leg, I gave him a false kundali, which did not match. He was heartbroken. I then told him to chill, giving him the real kundali, which by God’s grace was a perfect match.”

“Being quite young, we could have pushed marriage back. Also, people say it is better to wait, but I have also seen relationships flounder despite living in for years. When we have the heart to heart connect, why wait?”

Vindhya and Neel, we wish you the best of married life.

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