Zee TV’s recent presentation for the weekend band, Brahmarakshas 2 is another starry affair!! The first edition of the show did really well for the channel and there are huge expectations over the new season too.

Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Telefilms specialize in the supernatural genre and we must say, the graphics and special effects for Brahmarakshas 2 makes more sense and are in place.

The grand cast is well-picked with Pearl V Puri and Nikki Sharma leading the cast admirably. This seems to be the next loved Jodi on the TV screens. The initial chemistry between the two of them has only increased the expectations further. Nikki and Pearl look good together and this is a very good start for them.

The story is basically the same and there are not many changes to the main concept here. The Brahmarakshas is looking for the blood of that one girl Kalindi and has been waiting for 17 years. What makes the story effective is the kind of visual display it has got!!

Kalindi’s family is dead. However, Kalindi and her sister Minty survive to be brought up by the evil man Prithvi (Nikkhil Arya) without being aware of the fact that he has killed his parents.

Elsewhere, we have the best friend Shakti (Ashish Kaul) and his family. Shakti and Raghav (Mihir Mishra) finalize Angad and Kalindi’s wedding in their childhood and vow to carry it forward when they are grown up. Raghav’s death has changed the scenario.

The family returns after 17 years from London, only to know that Kalindi is dead. Prithvi has played his game and Shakti is unaware of it.

The soul of the Brahmarakshas which was in Pandit Jwala (Manish Khanna) is waiting to get a human form. He is aided well by his wife Gehna (Rupa Divetia). Vardhaan Chaudhary (Chetan Hansraj) gets his Brahmarakshas powers and has also got the first sense of Kalindi being near him.

Meanwhile, it is love at first sight for Angad and he is bowled over by Kalindi’s simplicity and beauty.

The bromance of Angad and brother Robin (Rohit Choudhary) is also another interesting aspect in the show. They make for a formidable sibling Jodi on screen.

Coming to the cast, Pearl V Puri and Nikki Sharma are the best that could have happened for Brahmarakshas 2. The two of them look splendid together and have already sent out signals of excelling in their chemistry.  Leenesh Mattoo’s character has not developed yet, and we reserve our thoughts on this one.

The show has a huge stellar cast which includes Ashish Kaul, Roma Bali, Papia Sengupta, Mihir Mishra, Ekta Sharma, Nikkhil Arya, Chetan Hansraj, Vaidehii Nair, Rupa Divetia, Neel Motwani, Leenesh Mattoo, Rohit Choudhary and many others.

The special effects in the first two weeks have been really effective. The intrigue in the screenplay has been maintained well. The lightings and camera work, especially at the party were amazing. The entry sequence of Angad has still got us mesmerized.

Chetan Hansraj looks stunningly scary in his Brahmarakshas look. A stellar actor that he is, he will surely give his best. Rupa Divetia yet again proves that she is a class performer. Nikkhil Arya seems really good in his villainous avatar.

All eyes are surely on the love story of Angad and Kalindi!! The story has been pacey and the dramatic twists and turns will only add to the curiosity of viewers.

Though the overall story has nothing new to offer, the presentation of it as a new package has been really convincing and appealing.

We give Brahmarakshas 2, 3 out of 5 stars.