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Bigg Boss 11 is full of masala: Kishwer Merchantt

Talented and beautiful Kishwer Merchantt, currently part of comedy show Partners on SAB TV, is actively voicing her opinion and views on Twitter regarding popular Colors reality show Bigg Boss 11.  She is quite open about her views on various inmates, especially the TV crowd (Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde etc), which is generating a lot of sound and fury among the fan base.

We met up with Kishwer at the BCL launch party last night and spoke to her about the same.

“The show is doing well, full of masala,” says she.

So what is your take on Hina Khan?  Is she a scapegoat? |”No, rather she is letting everybody target her for doing stupid things in the house. She goes about loosely talking about other actors, latest being Karan Wahi and Rithvik Dhanjani, as if they are no cameras, remember the whole world is watching. The guys you are talking about are not your friends.”

Kishwer was surprised at the elimination of Hiten Tejwani, “He was defiantly more popular than Luv  Tyagi.  But this is Bigg Boss and anything can happen out here.”

Moving on, Kishwer who was a part of Bigg Boss 9, says, “At times Shilpa appears genuine and sometimes it looks as if she is acting.  But all said and done, her graph has really grown since the show has started, a commendable performance. Vikas on the other hand seems to be getting carried away by all the mastermind talk, courtesy the way he handles the tasks.  He should forget all that and be what he is.  This will really help his case.”

When we ask as to who would eventually win? She says, “While you could easily predict previous season winners, this time it is getting tough as everybody is doing anything and everything.”

What would you say to allegations that you are only commenting   about Bigg Boss  just  to garner publicity? “This is really stupid and small thinking.  I don’t need publicity and this is my Twitter profile if you don’t like it, don’t come there period.  I know many are saying that I am supporting Vikas so he  might give me work. But the show where we will work together was confirmed even before he entered Bigg Boss. We might now shoot early next year after her comes out and Priyank Sharma could also be a part of the cast.”

We wish her luck.

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