Candid chat with Neetha Shetty.

Being a bitch on screen is fun, allowing you to do nasty stuff, not possible in real life: Neetha Shetty  

Although Neetha Shetty, currently doing &TV show, Meri Hanikarak Biwi, has been around for a while, a lead in a daily show still eludes her. “I try my best, give auditions, what more can I do? I don’t have connections or a godfather who can fetch me big ticket shows.”

Having said that, she says, “I am happy with my fantabulous growth so far. I have done cameo negative leads (Sasural Simar Ka, Bairi Piya, and recently, Bhootu) and episodic leads (Crime Patrol and CID). While I would love to play the dukhiyari bahu, essaying a bitch is also fun, for you get to do nasty stuff, not possible in real life.”

Coming to her character in Meri Hanikarak Biwi, she says,“I am playing a sweet, innocent Hyderabadi poti, complete with the Deccani accent. As it is quite a challenge to say those lines, I request my director to give me several continuous lines, so I don’t lose the flow.”

When asked whether women are really hanikarak or dangerous, as the title suggests, she quips jokingly, “This is just a canard created by unscrupulous men, knowing that there will be hell to pay if they cross the line.”

“I am really happy to be part of this show, for the story is interesting. Here she admits, “The fact that we don’t have a huge reach does disappoint a bit, but what can we do? But yes, wherever I go, people do know about us.”

Apart from TV, Neetha has also done Hindi (Saansein) and Marathi films (Fugey). “I have no medium hang-ups; as long as the character interests me, I am game.” Here, she informs us that she will soon make her web debut, with the first story of ALTBalaji’s rural Indian show, Gandii Baat.

“It was quite bold. Actually, it took the director Sachin Mohite, one month to convince me otherwise. I needed to be sure that it will not come out differently. But at the end of the day I said yes, for he is a dear friend and I fully trust him to shoot it well.”

Looking ahead, she would be game for bolder stuff if she is comfortable.

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