I can feel the pain of single mothers and this helps me in my performance: Arina Dey

I can feel the pain of single mothers and this helps me in my performance: Arina Dey

Actress Arina Dey who has been part of Star Jalsha’s shows has forayed into Hindi TV with Star Bharat’s recently launched show, Musakaan (Rashmi Sharma Productions).

Within one year of moving to Mumbai after convincing her parents to allow her to make the shift, she bagged this lead role. “Basically, I have worked for two years in theatre in Kolkata. After this, the TV shows happened there. When I was working in Kolkata, I was appreciated a lot for my acting prowess, and my friends forced me to try my luck in Mumbai. Being the only child to my parents, I had to convince my father a lot to travel to Mumbai. Ultimately they gave me two years to try my luck in the dream city post which I needed to get back to Kolkata. Thankfully, the show has happened and they are happy with my progress (smiles).”

Talking about her character, Arina states, “From my childhood, I have been seeing my mother doing everything for me. So when I was getting my brief for the role of Aarti, I could remember and idolize my mother. As part of my preparation, I have many a times asked my mother for advises for particular scenes; the best part is that my Director has been happy with these inputs of mine. Apart from playing a single mother, the girl is also a dancer. So I had to work a lot on my dancing skills.”

On the strong concept, Arina avers, “The show Musakaan shows the journey of a single mother who is into a line of work where there is no future for kids, especially girls. I can feel the pain of such single mothers when I read my lines. This feeling helps me in my performance is what I will say. The show has a strong and sensitive content. I am sure audiences will lap it up. We are not showing anything which is bold. We have all worked hard on the show and we look forward to good ratings.”

As a special mention to the little girl Sonakshi Save playing the titular role of Musakaan Bose, Arina explains, “She is very supportive and in no time, we have bonded very well. She in fact calls me ‘Mama’ off the set too. In all her interviews, she states that she has two mothers, one at home and the other on the set (smiles). She’s a sweet kid, very talented. I really like the way she cries without the aide of glycerine. I am inspired by her.”

Have a great stint in Musakaan, Arina!!

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