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I have certain goals as an actor and will work hard to fulfill them – Ravi Shaw

Ravi Shaw is undoubtedly one of the most handsome faces of the Bengali entertainment industry. After having worked his way up as one of the leading models of Kolkata, Ravi soon entered the Bengali TV industry with ZEE BANGLA’s Raadha in 2016 and continued the good work with the serial Beder Meye Jyotsna. He is also fortunate to work with the amazing Koel Mallick in a very early stage of his career. In a conversation with IWMBuzz, Ravi talks about his modeling days, work in Bengali TV industry, unreleased movie with Koel Mallick and more. Read to know it all –

You started as a model and were one of the leading male models in Kolkata before getting your debut show as lead for Zee Bangla ‘Raadha’. How much do you credit your modeling days for your acting journey?

I am definitely thankful to my modeling days, my hardwork and hunger to become an actor got me into the field. It has been a roller coaster of a journey since then.

There’s a common saying about models that they are great posers but not great actors. How have you cautiously made an effort to change that image, atleast from your end?

Indeed, the saying is somewhat true. Both the fields are a little different from each other. Modeling definitely demands good looks and height to prosper in the field whereas acting needs sheer talent and performance, rest is an add on. Initially, it was very tough for me, being a non Bengali and doing a Bengali show was a huge challenge. I kept working hard on my diction, kept reading Bengali newspapers, watched a lot of Bengali classics. Took a lot of time to get myself going in the right direction but eventually, things went nice. Change is constant and I am trying my best to evolve every day.

What about the show ‘Beder Meye Jyotsna’?

Beder Mey Jyotsna was a challenge that I took. It was against my comfort zone as the story was all about fantasy drama which involved the purest form of Bengali language. I knew that it won’t be easy. I kept getting rid of the English words which I have used before as a filler and kept practicing the actual Bangla language. I started enjoying it and now I seem to be pretty good at it (chuckles).

As an actor, do you cautiously tell yourself to pick up different and challenging roles with each project you undertake to avoid being stereotyped or you just go with the flow?

As an actor, I have always believed in changing and restricting myself to a certain character would have been boring and in my comfort zone, but what is the fun in doing what you are told? So I chose to go against the flow. I have certain goals as an actor and will work hard to fulfill them in near future and I am hoping for more such challenging roles.

Lastly, what about your movie with Koel Mallick? Tell us a bit about it?

Oh man, I myself have been desperately waiting for it to release in theatres. It’s a dream come true. Working with Koel ma’am was amazing and I learnt so much. I just hope 2020 ends in a good note.

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