Shilpa Shinde and CINTAA battle intensifies

CINTAA is not important - Shilpa Shinde 1

The war of words between TV actor Shilpa Shinde and CINTAA has just gotten worse. The former actor had been banned by the latter association when she quit the &TV show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain due to differences with the producer.

Yesterday, Shilpa was quoted in an interview, blaming CINTAA for TV producers shying away from working with her.

CINTAA one of the top bosses Amit Behl gave a counter interview saying that CINTAA did not have the time or inclination to sabotage anybody’s career. He further said that CINTAA might reconsider taking her back provided she apologized.

Hearing this, a very annoyed Shilpa fired back, “Do they want to me to apologize and say sorry? Why should I go back to land up in more soup? Problem creator CINTAA is not at all important for me. I’d rather deal with more important industry guilds.”

“Rather than supporting me, they sided with Bhabhiji producer (Edit 2). I wonder how this old issue is rearing its ugly head again. I have not given any new interview. They must have used my old conversation. I am just being used as a pawn to always tell the truth.”

She further states: “It really hurts for I was not just an ordinary member, but was a committee member. Yet I was illegally and humiliatingly removed from the AGM. Can they reinstate me into that position? The reason why actors voted for me was that they knew that I would stand up to producers for their sake.”

“How can they take one-sided action? Should they not have addressed my concerns of not being paid and harassed on Bhabhiji’s set?”

Here, Shilpa did not seem to be bothered about not getting TV work due to CINTAA. “I don’t want to work with people who get influenced so easily. Also, let’s face it, tube content is no great shakes anyway.”

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