Juhi Parmar speaks about shuffling units & emotions while playing a double role on Shani

It was a crazy experience portraying both characters in Shani: Juhi Parmar

Going down memory lane once again, actress Juhi Parmar recalls some more memories from shooting for ‘Shani’, which has now made quite a successful comeback on screen with its rerun.

Juhi reveals how the daily switch between her double role, from positive to negative, resulting in her going and back and forth between 2 shoot units every single day was quite a challenge, but something that she now very much misses!

Speaking about what went behind portraying a double role for Shani, Juhi shares, “When shooting for Shani I was playing a double role, due to which I was required for nearly every scene making it difficult to finish work in time. We would have 2- 3 different units, which I would be shooting in simultaneously. While a lot of actors have gone through this process to speed up work, it was different for me because I was portraying a double role.

I had to switch from a positive to a negative character and vice versa in a matter of seconds. In one unit I would be showing hatred towards Shani as Sandhya and in the other unit, I would be immediately emoting love for Shani as Chaya. I would even be wearing 2 3 mics to save time, and just switch off the mic of the particular unit I wasn’t in when shooting for another scene. It was a crazy experience portraying both characters side by side, with all the running around between units to top it up, but one that I totally enjoyed and really miss right now!”.

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