Zee TV’s Hamariwali Good News is a primetime drama that has kept its audience at the edge of their seats since its inception. After Renuka’s death and Meera’s marriage to Mukund, the show has taken several twists and turns that have kept the viewers glued to their TV sets. In fact, the actors have been trying to keep their fans entertained during Lockdown 2.0 by continuing to shoot in a bio-bubble. This meant that they had to stay away from their family and friends. So, when Juhi Parmar returned home and surprised her 8-year-old daughter, Samairra was over the moon. In fact, she was so happy to see her mother home after so long that she just climbed up onto her like an adorable child and gave her a tight hug. The surprise was so heart-warming that Juhi also shared it on social media.

Speaking about her emotional reunion, Juhi Parmar shared, “My daughter had no idea that I was going to be returning today after two long months of outdoor shoots and hence I found a surprised face, but a happy one. Only I know how difficult it was for me to be away from my daughter for two months. It’s the first time I’ve not seen her in so long and only a mother can know how difficult it is. My heart would cry every day, but I knew this too shall pass. I can still feel the way Samairra hugged me, the way she held onto me, I wish I could freeze that moment. I don’t think there’s anyone in this world who can love a child more than a mother and a mother more than a child. That bond is truly irreplaceable. I would love to describe this moment of meeting my daughter as – A hug that lasted forever!”

While Juhi was ecstatic after meeting her daughter, on the show, Meera is trying very hard to save Navya and Ritvik from Devika and Aditya’s evil plans. But will she be successful? Or will their plan lead to Navya and Ritvik’s separation?