Megha Sharma who is presently seen in Star Plus’ Pandya Store, believes that dancing allows one’s body to express a variety of emotions. However, as an actor, she feels dancing is also a sort of acting.

Speaking on the occasion of International Dance Day, which is observed on April 29, she said, “Knowing the art of dancing allows your body to express a multitude of emotions. It’s a very deep thing to say, but as an actor, I believe dance is also a form of acting.”

“Dancing unleashes a range of emotions within you, which enhances your focus in your performances. I think it’s an important aspect of being an actor, and dancing also provides significant benefits,” she added.

Megha also pointed out that dance sequences have positively impacted the audience’s viewing experience and said, “Indeed, dance has become an important part of many projects, music albums, and other endeavors. Its importance varies from person to person because it’s something people find enjoyable and fun to groove to. Personally, if I feel like dancing and don’t have company, I’ll go to a nightclub alone and dance my heart out. I’ve done it numerous times. Whenever there’s a Bollywood night, I’ll go and dance alone, and sometimes people ask me why I’m dancing alone. I simply reply that I love dancing alone; that’s just who I am, and I do it often.”

Megha has learned Kathak during her childhood, but she wouldn’t rate her dancing skills on any parameter. She said, “I wouldn’t rate myself as a dancer because when you love doing something, you never rate yourself. Maybe someone watching might say, ‘Oh, you dance so well,’ but you would never rate yourself for something you love.”

For her, dance is a go-to stress buster and mood lifter, and she confessed that whenever she is alone and needs some ‘me time’ or space, dancing comes to her rescue. She added, “I just put on some music and dance away.”

But Megha doesn’t have a favourite song to groove to. She said, “I don’t have a specific song to dance to. If I love the song, I can dance to any music. I’m a big fan of Bollywood Hindi songs since I’m a Punjabi, and I definitely enjoy Punjabi songs too.”