There is a ‘dejavu’ feeling as I get back to Zee TV with Manmohini: Vandana Pathak

Vandana Pathak who wil yet again be seen on ZEE TV after her Hum Paanch days, talks about her role and show.

There is a ‘dejavu’ feeling as I get back to Zee TV with Manmohini: Vandana Pathak

Vandana Pathak proved to one and all that she is an actor par excellence when she effortlessly made the shift from the comedy genre to play a negative role as big as Gaura in Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

Now, the power-packed performer has taken up her next challenge of playing a role, very different and never-done-before in Prateek Sharma’s (LSD Films) upcoming show on Zee TV, Manmohini.

It will not be over-dramatic or wrong if we say that she’s playing a role similar to that of Khattappa!!

Says Vandana, “Devki Daai, my character is the one who guards the royal family and is there to take care of Kunwarsa who has come from London.”

For the first time in her career, Vandana will speak the Rajasthani dialect for the show. “It involved hard work and was difficult for me. Since I have mostly done Gujarati based comedy shows, this was a huge challenge. The character is of a lady who has been alive for years and has this boon of being in the body and this age till she wants. She’s here as the protector of the qilla and the royal family.”

Also for the first time, Vandana will be seen in an avatar of a warrior who is well-versed in sword fighting and horse riding. “The Kunwarsa is a modern guy from London and she will go through the process of teaching him all about sword fighting and horse riding. The best part was that I had to learn the art myself, before turning teacher on screen (smiles). It was amazing to learn all this. As an actor, I have always loved to learn. In Saathiya, for the first time, I played a negative character. I had to take an approach wherein every act of Gaura was justified and she had a definite reason for her behaviour. I was so happy when Prateek gave me this role. The entire process of getting into this character has been challenging.”

Vandana Pathak is back on Zee TV after her Hum Paanch days. “Oh, yes!! It’s been really so long. I felt really good working with Zee TV again. It’s like coming back to my family. As I signed this show, I recollected my earlier days as an actor when Hum Paanch happened. There is a dejavu feeling as I get back to Zee TV.”

Before signing out, Vandana tells her fans, “You can find me in an absolutely different role altogether, right from the get-up to everything. I am so blessed that my fans have always liked and accepted me in all the roles that I have done. When I started my stint as Gaura, I was worried as I had till then done mainly comedy. But touchwood, by the grace of God, I was accepted in the character from the first day itself. I am sure that they will love me in this character too. I have worked very hard for this role.”

Best of luck, Vandana!!

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