Mayur Verma speaks to IWMBuzz on fracas with Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Devoleena (Bhattacharjee) is targeting Sana and me to stay in news –  Mayur Verma

With everything shut down due to Coronavirus, good we have the old Bigg Boss 13 rivalry to keep us amused. Take the never-ending fracas between Devoleena Bhattacharjee and upcoming actor Mayur Verma. The latter was a contestant in the ill-fated Bigg Boss spin

off Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, later he becomes friends with Shehnaz Kaur Gill.

Devoleena who had quit Bigg Boss 13 midway to back issues has been quite vocal on social media about her thoughts on the show and contestants Her one such tweet lambasting

Shehnaaz and Sidharth Shukla Bhula Dunga – music video attracted Mayur’s ire and ever since they have been at loggerheads with respective fandom’s providing much-needed ballast.

After Devoleena filed a cyber complaint against alleged Sana (Shehnaaz) fans for a very disrespectful tweet, Mayur also filed a complaint against Devoleena for inciting fans to troll him.

We spoke to Mayur, who will next be seen in a web film, about the same and this is what he had to say.

What prompted you to take this extreme step?

Things had been festering ever since Devoleena first targeted Sidnaz music video. I can’t understand how a reputed actor with verified handle likes post which targets Sana and me. (I have the screenshot of her liking one such funny (Sana and my wedding) video.

Such action encourages some fans who are always itching for some fun to unnecessary troll me. Agreed Devoleena is free to write whatever she wants on social media but then why only like the particular post and not others? Many fans also tag me on post targeting her position, but I don’t engage with them for that means supporting trolling. Also, her previous FIR had alleged that Sidnaz (Sana and

Siddharth) and my fans were behind the unsavoury attack on her mother. But how can you be confident that they were indeed our supporters, maybe it was her fan who under false ID were targeting her to muddy the waters. I have had it and have decided to take it to head-on.

Since the root cause seems to be Devoleena’s tweet on Shehnaaz and Siddharth Shukla’s song, others might say what is wrong for had Sana also not openly targeted Himanshi Khurana’s song before both entered Bigg Boss?

Well, at least they had a prior history. Also, while on the show, Devolena was nice to Sana and now showing her true colours? She was fishing in troubled waters, no wonder she went on to say Siddharth will look better with her than Sana, who is too young for him.

Still, others might say that you are doing all this for publicity?

On the contrary, I might say she is trying to stay in the limelight targeting Sana and me. So far I was quiet and she again threw the first salvo with liking the video. Her other issue is why Sana is silent, and Mayur is replying. I am her friend, so I am doing. I, Devoleena, went to the extent of saying that since Sana rejected me in the show, I have lost it.

Devoleena has targeted you even more since then?

I have one thing to say, Devoleena is also mean to media by saying don’t call or message regarding this matter; it is the duty of the fourth estate to get in touch. She can’t forget that it was the same media that has made her who she is today? Her tweets are a clear indicator of who is right?

In closing your comments on rape allegation against Shehnaaz’s father?

Whenever people go up jealousy rival try to pin you down. While I have not spoken to her for a while, I am sure all this false. There is no proof to show that Mr Gill did what is alleged.

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