Divyanka Tripathi, a beloved figure in the world of television, is once again at the center of attention. Her regular updates, be it on-screen or on social media, always manage to keep her in the spotlight. Today, she’s stirring up a storm with a mysterious connection to Bigg Boss. Is she a participant? Is she promoting the show? Or is she simply a fan? The intrigue is palpable.

Every year, the anticipation builds as fans wonder if Divyanka will finally make her way into the Bigg Boss house. While the actress has remained tight-lipped about it, her recent interactions suggest a fondness for the show’s buzz. In her latest post, she exudes a free-spirited energy, seated in a large chair, hinting at her potential involvement.

In the photo, Divyanka treats her fans with her charming energy, showcasing her body lady vibe in a big chair with blue and white stripes. Wearing a tangerine top and denim, she looks super cool, and her cheerful smile is a treat to the eyes. The backdrop has written, “You Gotta Be The Boss To Sit In The Big Chair.”

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In contrast, Divyanka candidly, in her caption, mentioned Bigg Boss and wrote, “Big boss chate hain Divyanka confession room me aayen or jawab den big boss ki chair par q baithi…? ~Caption by follower @Shahbaz1111 Any more suggestions?” With this, one thing is clear: Divyanka is a Bigg Boss fan and loves to indulge in fun-filed debates.