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In conversation with feisty Kavita Kaushik

I am too experienced and well established to pout and put Tiktok videos- Kavita Kaushik

Actor of repute Kavita Kaushik (FIR), who has just shot for a horror home short film along with hubby Ronnit Biswas and friend Abhinav Shukla, who also directed the short, spoke her mind about the lockdown and her social media posts

“Many people ask me whether I am getting bored. It would be insensitive to talk about my boredom given the plight of hungry migrants on the road. Rather I am very grateful for having a house and family. Having said that, thing indeed is getting difficult with now lockdown stretching over sixty days. I have already passed the cooking-cleaning phase.”

When can we get back to normal? “l don’t think the entire world ever shut down before even during the second world war or partition. So we will never go back to as we were before 2020; we will learn to adapt to the new normal.”

You are very active on social media always speaking your mind, which does rankle a few?

“I am too experienced and well established to just put Tiktok videos and pout. But if I feel that things are not going right in the country (students, poverty and income inequities), it is my right to stand up and be counted. As for brickbats, I don’t care about what others think about me for I have so much to do in life,” adds Kavita who has also done several Punjabi films and few plays.

“I am not like the many others who refuse to speak. Those who stand for nothing fall for nothing. It is essential for women like me who have done cult characters like Chandramukh Chautala (FIR) to speak my mind for then it will encourage others of my sisterhood to do the same.”

When asked about her political status, she says, “I am not concerned about politics, but yes I have never seen such lousy days in 39 years of life. I hail from a patriotic family. My dad was a cop. I hail from a humble background, my native village in Rajasthan does not have the necessary facilities.”

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