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Pranali Rathod speaks about lockdown woes

It is getting a drag to stay motivated in never-ending lockdown- Pranali Rathod

Pranali Rathod, aka Soudamini of Colors show Barrister Babu is passing her lockdown time, i.e. cooking, painting and studying for her upcoming exams. “At first, it was easy keeping motivated, but now it is getting a drag.”

She is also reading horror novels (Stephen King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams). “I am a big buff of the spook genre. I have loved Hollywood scare fests such as Occultist and Conjuring. Coming to desi horror flicks, I like Bhoot, but yes we need up our game by going beyond the jump scares and raise the horror quotient. I would love to be part of such genres movie or TV serials.”

Talking about her above period drama, she says, “My character is smitten by her childhood sweetheart Anirudh Pravisht Mishra) who at one time equally cared for her. So, she can’t accept him marrying a ten-year-old (social reform agenda) and end ups torturing Bondita in the hope of getting her love. I love the 20 looks complete with traditional Bengali saris and hairdos.”

Pranali is not very worried about the never-ending lockdown affecting her show’s chances. “For our audiences are waiting for fresh episodes, and we are more than keen to get back to work.”

What about restrictions? “I will not have any issues having learnt all the tricks of the trade during my modeling and TVC days. I fully support all curbs as we need to work but safely. COVID -19 is here to stay for a bit.”

In closing Pranali, who was also the lead of & TV show Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki with Kinshuk Vaidya is open to doing web series. “However, for the moment, I will stay away from nudity as I yet have to burnish my credentials.”

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