Rupali Ganguly who will be seen in Anupamaa gets into a conversation with

I am glad that Anupamaa has been in my destiny: Rupali Ganguly

Rupali Ganguly is very nervous and excited regarding her return to TV after seven long years with Star Plus show, Anupamaa.

“I would request all to watch the show and let us know what you feel.”

Going on she says, “I must thank Producer Rajan Shahi for having the confidence in me to pull off this title character. Rajanji had directed my first TV show, Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi 20 years back.”

“I had troubled him back then, yet he retook me. He just asked me one question, have you grown up, to which I said yes. I also assured him that this time my husband would be his ally if I goof up. Rajan is free to call Ashwin, who would quickly pull me up.”

Here Rupali says, “I have fallen in love with my husband again for offering full support. He just said, if you like the project, go ahead. I will take care of our son and house; you don’t worry. Very few men do that.”

“I think Anupamaa was in my destiny for although I had wanted to get back to work for a while, yet I always held back. Either I was lazy or distant Naigoan sets scared me off,” added she.

“But here Rajanji called me when I was in Indore and asked me to send some audition lines which he liked. Rest is history, and I was shooting in a week.”

Rupali, who is an old friend, requested us not to ask many questions about the show, “As I don’t want to reveal much. Suffice to say Anupamaa is the journey of a woman who can’t think beyond husband and family.”

How different will Anumpaa be from its already successfully running Bengali and Marathi avatars?? “Past master Rajan is shooting it differently. Hindi pace is also normally much faster. I am sure even those who follow it in the regional format will love our effort of love.”

Rupali, who is known more as the crazy Sarabhai VS Sarabhai bahu Monisha, is again looking forward to playing mature characters. Rupali has no qualms of playing mother to a grown-up guy. “I have already essayed a mom of a 14-year-old in the Sony show Parrvarish.”

In closing Rupli accepts that she is a bit overweight, “But that is how many 42-year-old homemakers are. It is also typical for women in her age group to have such grown-up kids as women used to wed early 20 years back.”

Best of luck for Anupamaa, Rupali!!

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