Shama Sikander who is married to James Milliron considers the festival of Eid to be an integral part of her life, especially her childhood. The festival always brings her special memories, and she talks about them with

Says Shama, “Eid has to be the most wonderful and special day ever for me. It’s all about laughter, good company, and enjoyment accompanied by great food. Usually, my mom has this knack of preparing delicious meals and filling the entire table with our favourite food. That food isn’t just nice in terms of taste. The amount of love that it carries is what’s most special. For me, it’s a special day which is about spending time with your near and dear ones.”

Recollecting her childhood memories of Eid, Shama states, “Well, it’s been special right from childhood for me. I remember that I used to fast a lot before and was always looking forward to getting Eidi. We would have nice family gatherings and the day was all about celebrating well in the best spirit. But yes, back then, I used to focus a lot on home decorations and I used to look forward to my Eidi a lot. Now, the tables have slowly turned and it’s me who gives the Eidi now. So yes, a total shift indeed but a happy one.”

Her wishes during this auspicious time will be, “I am quite spiritual in general and hence, I am someone who believes in the power of prayers and chanting always. While praying for welfare for my family, near and dear ones and the society at large is constant, there are certain wishes and manifestations which lose their essence if shared before they turn into reality. So I can’t share more than that as of now.”

On her plans for the day, she explains, “This year, it’s going to be simple and easy for James and me. We believe in deriving happiness and pleasure out of the simple joys of life and for us, giving each other each other’s time is the best thing ever. I will prepare something special for James at home and post that, we plan to spend quality time binging content together. It’s been some time since we have watched content together, so yes, that’s definitely on the cards. Good food and good content. Also, yes, decorating the house nicely as well to create that vibe.”

“I always wish good health, peace, and prosperity for them. But yes, good health is always the number 1 priority because if that’s taken care of well, everything follows automatically as a chain. But yes, good health is my number one wish. I wish the same for my fans and well-wishers all the time,” she adds.

Lastly, Shama talks about her special Eidi, saying, “Though things change as we grow up, as a child Eidi had a special meaning to me. During my childhood, I didn’t get much money to spend but on an occasion like Eid, I used to get a lot of money. As a result, I used to eagerly wait for this festival to come and the Eidi it used to bring to me. Even today, Eidi is like a lottery that you win and it used to be probably the most exciting thing in the world at that very moment.”