Parul Chauhan talks about her Yeh Rishta journey.

The growth of my character in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been huge: Parul Chauhan

Talented actor Parul Chauhan has come a long way from her days of Bidaai and has moulded herself into a very natural actor. Today, Parul has been whole-heartedly accepted by the audience in the motherly role in Director’s Kut’s long-running and successful show on Star Plus, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

In an exclusive chat with, Parul addresses her thoughts, her role in the successful show and its growth.

The character of Suvarna started as a docile one but has grown leaps and bounds. Tell us about the whole journey of playing Suvarna in Yeh Rishta?

The whole journey of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been really fruitful. There was a lot of intrigue over Suvarna’s character when it started. She used to be very silent; she never used to speak. There was a curiosity over why Kartik hated her. I waited a lot for my good scenes wherein I could perform. And when I got the opportunity, I gave it everything. There were days when I had to gulp through Crocin tablets owing to the excess crying.

You waited silently for your character to open up. Were you confident of getting a good track?

In serials, there are lot of things that depend on the public. As actors, our job is to give 100 percent. What will happen in future is something that cannot be predicted. Whatever I did, I very well know that I did my best when my track opened up. So you can say, I was very much confident of my time coming.

Rajan Shahi has played a very important role in your career. Tell us about it.

I have completed 10 years from the time I signed Bidaai. Everytime I needed a father or mentor to guide me, I always had Rajan Sir with me. He has never refused to meet me. It has been like family with him. I have learned a lot from him. Above all, whenever he likes any scenes of mine, he makes it a point to message me and appreciate my work.

The growth of my character in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been huge: Parul Chauhan 1

How has the growth in terms of graph been for Suvarna?

The growth has been humungous; from being the silent spectator to being a mother who sacrificed her own son to give love to her step-son, she’s had a lot to do. When I signed for the show, Rajan Sir told me that I will go on to be an integral part of the Yeh Rishta family with my role being strong. Yes, I had to be patient, but was always confident that the story will eventually open up with time.

As a woman, do you believe in sacrifices?

Yes, women have always had all the patience. With this power comes the power to sacrifice. In this case, it was great to portray a step-mother who loved her step-son more than her own one. Whenever the tag of ‘soutela’ gets attached, the society assumes the mother to be evil or biased. But Yeh Rishta portrayed such a mother’s feeling very beautifully. Having said this, I feel it need not be only a woman who needs to sacrifice. Sacrifices can be done by every member in a family. It is done when you think you can get happiness and togetherness in a family. This applies to men too. Times are changing and with it, the basic thought of an individual. Gone are the times of women being suppressed. A rationally thinking man will always want his wife to go out and be independent. I believe it is for a woman to decide whether she needs to only sacrifice or walk forward in life.

Do you think people like Suvarna exist in real life?

Yes, I think there will be mothers like Suvarna. One cannot get all values just by being educated. Value is what you learn from your parents, and what is put in your mind. The way you behave and present yourself determines it. In fact, I have always been telling my mother that when I marry, I will not want to have a kid of my own. Instead, I will go in for adoption. My idea behind this is to give a good life to at least one kid.

The growth of my character in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been huge: Parul Chauhan 2

Tell us about your real mother and her sacrifices for your family?

My mother has handled the family and allof us very well. In fact, I belong to a Rajput family where a girl venturing out all by herself to Mumbai was next to impossible. Actually, we were not even allowed to stand in the balcony without draping ourselves with a dupatta. And coming from such a background, it is a great thing for my family, especially my mother to allow me to choose a career for myself in the acting field. I am sure they must have faced a tough time even after taking the decision to send me. They had the confidence in me and I am happy that I have made them proud today.

Coming back to Yeh Rishta, you entered when big faces like Karan Mehra, Hina Khan left the show. So how was that phase for you?

Yes, we entered the show when it needed lot of hard work. Rajan Sir had told me to view it as a new season of Yeh Rishta. If you ask me, I never take anything in a negative way. So I was always positive that the show will bounce back and will be Number 1. And the day it happened, it was a great feeling.

Do you want to do reality shows?

Yes, I have done already and want to do more. I want to explore more of me. I want to be part of something new wherein I enjoy.

How is your rapport with your co-actors?

It is great fun on the sets. The girl gang in the show is quite funny, and it takes a lot to keep us quiet on the set. Mohsin and Shivangi are very good.

Are you game for the digital medium?

Well, as of now, I am concentrating solely on Yeh Rishta. I am enjoying this phase, and will never let it go easily. Whenever I get free, I will surely want to try out the digital platform. It is a platform that is doing well.

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