Juhi Parmar is a bundle of talent we know when it comes to the acting field. However, she as a mother and daughter has so much to give and indulges in having the best of time with her two loved girls.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Juhi Parmar gets into an exclusive, frank conversation with IWMBuzz.com.


What has been your favorite moment as a mother? 

The day Samairra was born was definitely the most precious moment because that’s the moment when a mother was born.  I still feel the time has flown by so so quickly.

We are living amid the scare of the pandemic and it is but natural that mothers tend to get extra careful of their kids. So what has this tough phase taught you as a mother? 

It has taught me and I think all of us that there is only so much we truly need.  What we would think were earlier taken for granted necessities in our life today truly feel like blessings, like being able to step down in your building and play for a child or walk for an adult.  I also feel that it has taught us that what we need in terms of materialistic things is so little…our cars are parked with dust on them, our clothes in closets unused….

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Tell us about the favorite pastime that you and Samairra love to indulge in?

We love to watch movies together, we love to dance and we both love painting.  I think anytime spent together is special with Samairra.  From board games to cooking, we enjoy doing everything together.

What is the basic survival instinct that you will teach your kid as a mother?

To trust her instinct, I feel that first feeling at times gives us warnings and we should always heed to the warnings rather than ignore them.

What do you like best about your mother?

I look at her and I feel she’s just so perfect, yes every child sees their mother with the same eyes.  However, I feel her patience is remarkable; her ability at this age to be able to manage a house and my daughter when I’m shooting amazes me.  I feel grateful to have her as my mother and I know no matter how much I try, I won’t even be a fraction of what she is because I feel what our mothers have done we can never do.

As a daughter, what will be the biggest gift that you can give your mother?

I think I already have with my daughter Samairra.  For a parent the greatest blessing is to become a grandparent, it is like they are living mine and my sister’s childhood all over again.

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Your message to all the loving mothers will be… 

Being a mother is a beautiful journey, but one that you need to make beautiful for yourself.  Don’t let the duties bog you down and enjoy your child’s innocence when you can.

Happy Mother’s Day to you Juhi and family!! Enjoy the day to the core, all of you IWMBuzz readers!!