Sneha Jain, the Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 actress has her own special plans to celebrate Women’s Day today. She indicates that she will celebrate the occasion by cutting a cake and indulging in a lot of self-care.

Says Sneha, “For every woman, for every girl, it’s a very proud moment that this day is celebrated. We have always seen differentiation being there between a man and a woman. But this day is something different, it makes every woman proud. We celebrate Women’s Daya at home. We are like 5 women in our house and we get the cake, sit, chill, and pamper each other. Also, we tell our brother to pamper us. I will celebrate the day with my mom, my sisters and my girlfriends. I am happy to have so many women in my life. I’m always a women supporter, a girl supporter.”

She adds, “We are women and that is the biggest celebration for us. We are the goddess mother avatar. And Navratri is just around the corner. So, it’s magical to be a woman. You can create a life inside you. It’s such a beautiful thing. God has given me a gift, that he has made me a woman. And women never think about themselves first but think about others. And always are givers. I think women have many powers and if she is Goddess Kaali, she knows how to take charge and if she is Goddess Laxmi, she will never let you down. We are so powerful and so lovable. It’s the most beautiful feeling of being a woman.”

Happy Women’s Day!!