Mitaali Nag talks about her thoughts on being a woman and about what makes her a complete woman.

#HappyWomensDay: Women certainly deserve a life they choose to live comfortably: Mitaali Nag

Mitaali Nag the talented actress who is presently seen in Aashiqana on Disney+ Hotstar is confidence personified, as she balances her duties of being a wife, mother and a working woman. On the occasion of Women’s Day, Mitaali shares her thoughts on the special day, and talks about how women are capable of achieving big goals.


As a woman, what have you aspired for the most in your life?

I always aspired to have a balance in my professional life and personal life with sound mental and physical health. During my growing days, I aspired to inspire other women to be achievers in life.

What is it that completes you as a woman?

Women are capable of doing wonders. The fact that I take care of my daughter, mother and wife duties while I am giving my 100 % to my work life as an actor gives me a sense of fulfilment and surely completes me as a woman.

Society’s cry for some time now is to give women a better place to live in. What is your take on this cause?

Women have always been taught to adjust. Adjustment is not wrong but if the woman is given the sole responsibility to adjust then it becomes rather unfair. Women certainly need a better place to live in. They certainly deserve a life they choose to live comfortably.

What’s the best gift that you would like to get on this special day?

God keeps blessing me with so many materialistic things, even the ones that I haven’t dreamt of. But if I really have to wish for a gift on this special day then I would want a meal subscription plan which will help me lose inches as well as stay healthy!

What is your advice to women who aspire to have a career for themselves and have a happy family too?

Having the right partner is very important if you wish to have a career and a family life both. The right balance of professional and personal life will help you achieve both!