Shagun Sharma gets candid about Colors TV show Harphoul Mohini

Young and talented Shagun Sharma, who has successfully carved a niche for herself in the industry, with her performances in shows like Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3, Tu Aashiqui, Gangaa, Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gaatha, Ishk Par Zor Nahi, Sasural Genda Phool 2, is currently seen as the lead Mohini in Colors TV show Harphoul Mohini. In an exclusive chat with, Shagun shared about her journey, bond with co-stars, and more. Read on:

Harphoul Mohini has been a huge show for you. Tell us about the journey so far?

It definitely has been the biggest show so far. Harphoul Mohini is very close to my heart. This daily has given me whatever I have wished for. The journey has been tough but I am happy with the outcome of this show. I am sure that it will do really well in the near future.

How satisfied are you with the role of Mohini at the moment?

I am more than satisfied with my character. I am saying this because we have seen on TV that a character tends to get monotonous and we don’t get to explore more. Having said that Mohini has a lot of layers. She is a South Indian and to bring her characteristics on screen was challenging for me. However, as an actor, I love challenges and am always up for them.

What is the best part about playing this character?

The best part about playing Mohini is that she is very different from Shagun. This keeps me on my toes and does make me do better. It also helps me improve my acting skills.

What is your takeaway from this role so far?

My takeaway from Mohini is her ‘never give up’ attitude. No matter how difficult the situation is, just never give up. Because there is always a solution and way to a problem.

Tell us about your rapport with your co-stars?

My rapport with my co-stars is amazing. We are like family. Not only co-stars, but I am also very close to the direction and DOP team. The cast and crew are great people. It is important to have a happy bond to make a show successful. And by the grace of god, I have such a bond with people on set.

Harphoul and Mohini’s chemistry is loved by fans. How do you both bring out the chemistry that is seen on the screen?

I am really happy that people are liking Harphoul and Mohini’s chemistry. We don’t try hard; we just go with the flow. While working together, the chemistry has become good and effortless. Zebby and I don’t like to rehearse too much for such scenes as they look fake on screen. Hence, we prefer going with the flow.

Share any best compliment received so far for your role Mohini?

I have been getting compliments and it is an overwhelming feeling. The best compliment I got was from my parents when they said that they are proud of me.

What is the biggest lesson that this industry has taught you over the years?

Keep moving forward is the biggest lesson that this industry has taught you over the years. Never stop working hard. Whenever it is in your destiny, you will get what you wished for.

Would you like to explore the web platform?

I would like to explore the web. However, currently, my focus is on the drama Harphoul Mohini. I want the show to be super successful and achieve huge milestones. I want fans to seek inspiration from the daily and love it more.

Any final message…

I would request fans to keep showering their love on Harphoul Mohini. Also, be happy and spread positivity.

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