Farnaz Shetty who recently broke up with Neel Motwani who has now found his life partner in Vindhya Tiwari, talks about her past relationship and on her future.

Farnaz Shetty, currently seen in &TV show, Siddhi Vinayak, is in no hurry to get back into a relationship after breaking up with Waaris co-star, Neel Motwani, a while back. The latter is now all set to tie the knot with actress Vindhya Tiwari.

“Rather than going around, this time I hope to directly get hitched. Either my folks find some groom, for me, or some guy pops the question upfront.”

“Personally, I prefer a non-industry guy; being part of the same crowd brings its own issues (lifestyle and struggle) to the table. Having said that, non-industry guys, on the other hand, might not get our way of functioning and timings. All said and done though, if there is genuine love and understanding between two people, everything else can be worked out.”

What is your take on the live-in option to find out if two people are compatible enough to get married? “I live with my family, so my mom will shoot me. Also, my cultural upbringing does not allow me for the same. I don’t think you need to test someone; if he is meant for you, he will come, any which ways.”

“Here, I wish to add that I will not jump into marriage, rather will give both of us some time to know each other, for jumping into wedlock too early also leads to quick exits.”

“In our industry, media pressure also takes its toll. A lot of stuff is done just for attention. I wonder why we can’t segregate personal and professional life.”

Farnaz is not in touch with Neel after their break up. “It is always better to get rid of toxic elements and move on. But, if then, you just mope and jump into more relationships on the rebound, it makes no sense. Ideally, one should take a pause on love and concentrate on other things like career. Life is not only about the matters of the heart, right?”

Farnaz says, “I have learnt a lot from past relationships. More than what to do, I have learnt what not to do. Many a times, no one is to blame; it’s just that two people were not meant to be together.”

In closing, we ask her whether she will attend the marriage, to which she quips, “I would like them to send the card first.”

Wish you a bright future, Farnaz!!



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