Hope my show Nimki Mukhiya brings a change in the society. Bhumika Gurung

Bhumika Gurung talks about her show Nimki Mukhiya on Star Bharat

Hope my show Nimki Mukhiya brings a change in the society: Bhumika Gurung

Bubbly beauty Bhumika Gurung, who is enchanting audience as Nimki in Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya, says that her on-screen character does resemble her real life personality.

“The character Nimki is very vibrant and active. She is very innocent and straight forward. I am almost similar to Nimki. The only thing which is different is that Nimki is very practical which I am not. I am very emotional as a person. I am a very focused and happy-go-lucky girl. I am more or less like Nimki but not completely like her,” says the actress.

Bhumika feels that her character and show will inspire audience.

She avers “I do feel my role will inspire women as she is more of a person who speaks her mind. She isn’t bothered about anything. In the storyline, as the plot progresses, people will see Nimki’s brave side which will be inspiration to many.”

Bhumika further adds, “I think it will bring a change in the society, but it also depends on people, how they take it. We have shown the issues in a lighter tone and very positive way. There are many people who like the show and I hope it does bring a change in the society.”

Talking about the preparation for the role, she quips, “It was through a reference from one of my co-actors. He is a friend of producer Zama Habib. He has worked with me earlier and he referred me for this role. They took my audition and I got selected. I had to understand the culture of Bihar to get the perfect dialect. However, my production team has helped me a lot.”

Bhumika believes that it is a blessing and responsibility to play a lead role.

“Yes, it is like a blessing and also a responsibility. I feel good as I was the first choice for the role. They had a lot of confidence on me. I lived up to their expectation, so I am very happy. I always wanted to enact a good role.”

Way to go girl!

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