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Hunar Halle who was recently seen in Patiala Babes seems to be the best one to give tips regarding workout and fitness during this lockdown.

Hunar Halle REVEALS The Best Workout Plan During Lockdown

Hunar Halle the talented and outspoken actress has a smart physique and fit body, which has come as a result of immense dedication.

Dedication to her workout regime and caution to what she eats is what Hunar looks into to keep her body slim and sleek.

No day can pass without Hunar working out on her fitness levels in some way or the other!! She chalks up a busy schedule and has the motivation to follow it daily.

In a quick chat with over her fitness freak attitude, she answered our Fitness based questions, and we must say, she is a master at the craft of keeping herself fit!!

Check it for yourselves!!

Your Morning Routine: Starts with Green Tea & Meditation 🧘‍♀

All-time Favourite Exercise: Planks are my all-time favourite exercise as it works on the entire body. It works on tightening your tummy, builds your abs, works on your core, your posture. During quarantine people are looking to lose the extra fat, this is the best indoor exercise.

Your Cheat Food: Ice-creams

Fruit or Juices: Fresh Fruits

Your Modified Exercise Routine During Lockdown: I start with Vrikshasana or Tree Pose as you call it. It’s a balancing asana, it’s more like telling your body/preparing your body before getting into a high-intensity workout.

Lockdown Workout Plan:  

Full Plank 1 min

Elbow Plank 30 second

Raised Leg Plank 30 second

Right Side Plank 30 second

Left Side Plank 30 second

Full Plank 30 second

Elbow Plank 1 min

(This would take just 5 min of your time each day & give you a toned belly & a flexible body)

Stairs Or Lift: Stairs Always

Your Take on Health Supplements: Some supplements like calcium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B12, Omega 3 is worth taking. Others I’ve read have risks associated with it such as Iron supplements causing a higher risk of death. Vitamin E supplements may increase your risk of heart failure. Too much vitamin A may be bad for your bones.

Your Dream Wish With Regards to Fitness: Being healthy, free from all diseases & being in my best shape throughout my life. Hope I stay fit & healthy even when I get old.

One Tip To Everyday Fitness: The “New Normal” today is all about the survival of the fittest. Therefore exercise daily, eat the right food and portion each meal, be sure to get sleep & stay motivated.

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