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Mugdha Chaphekar talks about her marital life with Ravish Desai.

My husband Ravish Desai is my only friend from the industry – Mugdha Chaphekar

It is often said that friendship is the bedrock of love. Mugdha Chaphekar and Ravish Desai epitomize this.

“I fell in love with my best friend. I really enjoy spending time with him, eating with him,” says Mugdha, who had gained name and fame with Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan, Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo, and yes, Satrangi Sasural, that is when she met Ravish.

What do you like the most about him? “He is very passionate about whatever he does, including small things like playing cricket or reading a book. We both are voracious readers. Right now, he is immersed in reading Autobiography of a Yogi. He will not stop till he reaches the last page. I am waiting for him to finish, so I can start.”

“Coming to acting, he is very disciplined towards the craft, unlike me, who gets swept away by the character or the role. He never loses the vision and sticks to it, no matter what,” says the wife with affection.

“On the flip side, this same quality can be a downer at times. He gets so involved in whatever he is doing that I need to bring him out”, adds Mugdha, who recently did a five-episode cameo in Ravish’s last show, Kunwara Hai Par Hamara Hai (Zee Magic). “I just loved the story, hence said yes.”

Since you both meet some many attractive people, is there a fear that your partner might stray? “To be honest, if he sees a good looking girl and points her out, I also agree that she does look good. Our conversation goes on a different trajectory. Coming to your question, it all boils down to trust, and as mentioned above, for me, friendship is more important than romance, which can fizzle out over time. You might think of betraying your lover, but not your friend.”

Interestingly, Mugdha, who is a self-confessed boring person, does not have any friend in the industry despite being around for so many years. “Ravish is my only friend out here.”

Here, Mugdha adds, “What really binds me to Ravish is our similar ideologies. Both of us have never believed in doing PR or partying away, preferring our work to speak for itself. Both of us also love to watch all kinds of movies as a stress buster.”

Presently, Mugdha is basking in the glory of her recent Marathi film, Silence. The same was screened on Netflix as well.

So cute, Mugdha!!

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