Jazzy Ballerini the young actress has strived hard to get into the limelight as an actor. She has accepted a new culture, learned a new language and is now happily living the life of a TV bahu onscreen. Jazzy is enthralling one and all as the spirited Emily in Star Plus’ Anandibaa aur Emily.

In a candid and exclusive chat with IWMBuzz.com, Jazzy takes us through the hardships she faced to get into the shoes of Emily.

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How does it feel to play the leading lady of a Hindi TV show?

It is an amazing experience. I have never been happier ever. I thank my production team, the channel, my co-actors to have given me this opportunity.

Tell us about yourself. How did you aspire to become an actor?

My parents had a business setup in India, in Rajasthan. So in my household, India was always a topic of talk. My mom and dad always went to India every year. We had heard so many stories of India from them. This made me eager to go to India. When I was 17, my family surprised me and my sister with a trip to Goa. When I landed in India, I got to know how much I love this land. In one day, I set my mind that I will look for a living in India. Months after that, I was chosen for a movie. I was surprised as I was not an actor. My parents asked me to give it a try and see how it goes. I loved this experience. After that, I was back in England with my family. I later went back to India to visit my friends. I travelled around India. Later, I tried my luck when I got to know of this role of Optimystix in a TV show. Three days later, I was in Mumbai signing the contract. It has been an exciting experience of working on Indian TV. I have fallen in love with the entertainment industry in India. My family is very happy and they are proud of me.

Who is your fall-back friend, now that you live alone?

Whenever I have any problems, my production house is very quick in sorting out them for me. I also have many friends, who help me out.

How is the feeling of playing Emily?

Emily is typically the same as Jazzy is. I was innocent just like how Emily has been. Emily loves the Indian morales and loves the Indian culture.
That aspect is in me too. I am playing myself is what you can say.

How is it working with Mishkat Varma?

Mishkat is a sweetheart, I love working with him. Without him, I would literally be lost on the sets. He is a real friend of mine. I can depend on him for any advice and help. We share a great bond.

How is it working with Kanchan Gupta?

She is fabulous. She helps me a lot in my dialogues. She is very kind.

Tell us about your learning experience for the show?

When I came to Mumbai, I did not know Hindi. I put in a lot of work. Optimystix put in a lot of work with me. I had a Hindi coach who helped me a lot. Thankfully, I picked up very quickly. Had never grown up with Hindi, but took this task very seriously. I am happy that I am learning it on the set daily. It is glad to know that I have my whole team supporting me.

Can you get into conversations in Hindi by yourself?

I can understand Hindi very well. But I am shy to get into conversations as of now. But yes, I learn many new words daily. Having said this, if the situation demands, I can also talk Hindi well. I can tell you that in a year or two, I will be able to speak Hindi very fluently.

Best of luck, Jazzy!!