Saarvie Omana, the young actress who is seen in the role of Kaynaat in Zee TV’s Rabb Se Hai Dua is happy to usher in the New Year on a positive note. Yes, it is that time of the year when you look forward to a bright start to the New Year, and also recollect the good and the bad that happened in the year gone by. And Saarvie too has her own thoughts and memories and expectations.

She grandly celebrated Christmas at co-actor Sheela Sharma’s house. Now for the New Year, she talks about her plans.

Says Saarvie, “I would go to a temple so that I can seek Bappa’s blessings on the very first day of my New Year. I look forward to a new beginning, and a lot of good opportunities coming my way in the New Year.”

As for the resolutions in the New Year, “I want to give love as much as I can to others and make their life a little more beautiful because of me.
As for my gains this year, I have become stronger in every sense,” she states.

In the New Year, Saarvie says, “Love yourself too, you need that first, so that you can pour that on others.”

On the wish she will want, the actress avers, “I want God to give me whatever I wish for.”

Happy New Year!!