Meer Ali takes his share of Rapid Fire questions.

I have been inspired by Shah Rukh Khan's persona: Meer Ali

Meer Ali the versatile actor who was recently seen donning the role of Bajirao in Contiloe’s Swaraj, gets to speak his heart and comes out with frank answers for our Rapid Fire Segment.

Check them here.

The superpower you want to have:

The superpower that I want to have is to be able to travel time, and access the future and the past.

Film character you are similar to in real life:

I don’t relate to any film character because I feel there is a lot of cinematic build-ups that every character has, and I am way too real. If I have to take a name, it will be Tiger Shroff of Student of the Year 2.

The kind of inspiration you crave for:

I have always been inspired by Shah Rukh Khan. The way he is, his persona, his skill, his dedication, his greed to do the best and be the best. That’s exactly what I look up to.

Tell us a joke:

Joke ok …..

Someone asked me,
why did the gym close down?

I said it just dint work out .?

If you are looking for a quote that will inspire you for a new day, what will it be:

Every day may not be a good day ..but there is something good in every day.

Your favorite sanitizer brand:

Lol I don’t use sanitiser. Rather I use a good hand wash because I read it somewhere that too much usage of petrochemicals is bad.

Something you are really attracted to during lockdown:

I won’t say I was attracted to but yes …it was like complete family time. We all used to often sit and play Ludo with some amazing snacks

What kind of books you like to read:

I am not into reading books ? but yes I have developed this habit to read a lot of online content which is about the Universe, planets, sun, moon, and a lot of sci-fi stuff.

If you turn a painter for a day what will you draw that signifies your life:

I used to sketch a lot in my school days, but yes if I had to paint now, I would draw nature, because I feel at ease when I am close to Nature.

The kind of hairdo you love the most:

I love long hair do, a little wild, but then my work doesn’t allow me to be in that look always. So I keep experimenting.

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