Shweta Gulati talks about her new show Main Hoon Aparajita

Talented and popular actress Shweta Gulati, who is better known as Tia of Remix and Jhaanvi Bansal in Tera Yaar Hoon Main, is currently essaying the role of Mohini, who is Akshay’s (played by Manav Gohil) second wife in Zee TV’s gripping narrative Main Hoon Aparajita.

For the first time, Shweta is in a negative role and putting her best foot forward to portray Mohini’s character. Mohini is competitive, shrewd, territorial, narcissistic, and a control freak by nature and believes anything that is hers should only be hers. She is an orphan who never had any family relations and always wanted one of her own. Mohini’s intention is to destroy Aparajita’s reputation so that she can prove that she was always the right choice for Akshay.

In an exclusive conversation with, Shweta spoke in length about her new show, playing the ‘other woman’ in a story, challenges, and more. Read on:

Tell us about your experience shooting for your new show…

I feel taking up a television show after almost two years is quite hectic. I am realizing now that shooting a daily soap is not easy. Having said that, my character in the show is interesting hence I decided to come on board. This is for the first time that I am essaying a negative role which makes it extremely exciting.

What made you select this show and character?

My character made me say yes to the show. It is my first stint with a negative role. I have never played a vamp on TV before. So exploring myself in this genre was challenging.

What are your expectations from this role?

I just expect audiences to hate me. The more they hate me, the more I am successful as a vamp on TV. So I hope viewers watch the show and keep showering their love on it.

You are playing the ‘other woman’ in the story, do you get backlash from the audiences?

Strangely, the fans are loving me as Mohini in Main Hoon Aparajita. Thankfully our audiences have evolved and they are not as regressive as we think they are. In fact, the viewers are appreciating my work. I have been lucky enough to not get hate from the audiences.

Do you find any similarities between you and your character?

No, there are no similarities. We are totally opposite. Mohini is very controlling and ego-centric and Shweta is not. I am the most chilled person. Mohini is too evil and selfish.

What has been the most challenging bit about the character you are playing?

The fact that Mohini is so evil is challenging. In daily life, we are not such horrible people. Mohini’s negativity is justified to a certain extent as she comes from a broken family. She also suffered in her childhood. She never had a stable family hence she wants to hold on to her husband. Hence, it is challenging to portray Mohini.

How is your working experience with Shweta Tiwari and Manav Gohil?

It has been wonderful so far. Shweta Tiwari and Manav Gohil are great co-stars. We have a lot of fun together shooting for the show. I hope we continue to be this nice to each other off-screen.

How do you choose your roles given the variety you have picked in the last few years?

I believe anything that challenges me as an actor is what I look for in a role. Like Mohini was supremely challenging. As I said earlier, it is a new genre for me. I have never tapped into the negative aspect of playing a character. So I try to pick roles that I have not done before.

Any final message

I want to just thank them for always supporting and blessing me. I want fans to watch Main Hoon Aparajita. I have tried something new so do support and shower your love.

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