Actress Amandeep Sidhu who plays the role of Siya in Star Bharat’s Saubhagyavati Bhava: Niyam aur Shartein Laagu, is happy to be feeling the vibes of Navratri and sparkles more in the positivity of the ambience.

Says Amandeep on the significance of Navratri for her, “Navratri’s significance lies in celebrating Goddess Durga’s victory over the demon King Mahishasura, which resonates with me as it mirrors my own nature – a balance between compassion and the ability to take decisive action when necessary.”

On the Garba vibes during the festival, Amandeep avers, “I love the vibrant Garba vibes during Navratri, especially the exhilarating dandiya dance and the delicious traditional prasad like puri and chole. The anticipation of these joyful experiences is what excites me the most.

“For Navratri, I prefer to wear traditional and colourful attire such as a vibrant chaniya choli or a beautiful saree. I accessorize with bangles, earrings, and a bindi to complete the festive look. It’s all about embracing the rich cultural and traditional aesthetics during this joyous celebration,” she further describes her fashion and styling for the festival.

Adding more on Garba, the actress says, “I eagerly anticipate the joy of playing dandiya and relishing the tradition, I like the vibrant music, colourful attire, and garba moves. I think it’s a delightful celebration of tradition and togetherness.”

On her plans for Navratri, she quips, “I have a busy schedule due to my ongoing shooting for “Saubhagyavati Bhava.” However, I hope to make time to join in the festivities of Navratri by participating in Garba dances with my friends and family. Trying to balance work and celebration.”

As her special note to her fans during this festive season, Amandeep says, “During this joyous festive season of Navratri, I want to extend my heartfelt wishes to all of you. Navratri is a time for both spiritual reflection and celebratory moments, where we come together to embrace tradition and share in the festivities. May this Navratri bring you abundant blessings, happiness, and a deeper connection with your spirituality.”

Happy Navratri to all!!