Kanchi Singh the talented young actress talks about her thoughts on the year gone by, and her expectations for the New Year. Read to know her thoughts here.

I never make New Year resolutions as they always break: Kanchi Singh

Actress Kanchi Singh, who has been part of shows such as Sasural Simar Ka, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, says that when it comes to New Year resolutions, it’s better to stay away from them. She says that she is well aware that she won’t be able to keep her promise to herself for long.

Says Kanchi, “I don’t keep New Year’s resolutions because I know that they are going to be broken. So, I don’t believe in keeping New Year’s resolutions. Yes, I do think about starting new things, but no resolutions as of now.”

Meanwhile, this year has taught her a lot, she says, “What I’ve learned is to set a boundary of emotions, because I was very giving and I used to get hurt. So, I’ve set an emotion. I have set my limits, and I prefer being with myself rather than being around people who don’t matter.”

The year saw a lot of happenings nationally as well as globally. And these things have left quite an impact on Kanchi. “This year a lot happened. The Israel war was very disturbing. There were so many deaths, and it was really disturbing. My father and I used to sit and discuss all these things, and it used to feel bad. But the thing is that we can’t do anything about it, and all we can understand because we are not a part of it, so all we can do is just mourn over all these things. Besides this, there have been deaths and divorces that have been happening this year. We saw a lot of deaths of celebrities. I think it’s all destiny. What has to happen will happen eventually, and we can’t stop it. When death comes, we just can’t stop it. Eventually, it’s going to happen to each one of us some or the other day. So, all we can do is just be upset about it.”

And what’s in store next year? “Bucket list is to try to do film work more. I want to change my routine and be fit. That’s my thing on the bucket list, which I’ve started now. So let’s see, let’s hope for that,” she says.