Karan Suchak who has recently entered Star Bharat's show Na Umra Ki Seema Ho gets into a candid chat with IWMBuzz.com. He got into the show in the role of Jai Shah.

I treat my job more as a place to learn than a place to earn: Karan Suchak 812139

Karan Suchak the talented actor has played varied challenging roles in his decade-long career. From mythological to socially relevant roles, Karan has played it all. However, this does not stop him from choosing something different every time he sets on his path to picking up something new. Now, he plays the role of Jai Shah in Star Bharat’s show Na Umra Ki Seema Ho.

In a candid chat with IWMBuzz.com, Karan talks about his role and much more.

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What prompted you to pick this role in Na Umra Ki Seema Ho?

I have realised that doing similar kinds of roles/characters won’t let me explore my calibre as an actor. Also apart from exploring, I should be open to all kinds of characters and be less picky. Acting is forever and there are so many characters to perform.

You have done varied roles in TV. What is the kind of role that eludes you till now?

I have been part of larger-than-life characters like Lakshman from Siya ke Ram on Star Plus, Peshwa Bajirao etc. Recently I played Mangal Pandey for Swaraj and I mentioned in one of my interviews that I always wanted to play the character of a freedom fighter. I feel even in future if ever a show is made on the journey of a freedom fighter, that will excite me the most.

Tell us about your character in Na Umra Ki Seema Ho?

Jai Shah is a strong character. He is rich and has achieved everything on his own. He is a loner, extremely ambitious and overly domineering personality which may cause others to feel threatened, overwhelmed, or even afraid. His father is afraid that he(Jai) will end up as a lonely person and that’s when he hands his responsibility to Vidhi where all misunderstandings begin.

How is it working with the cast?

Great, sweet people to work with! It’s always great when you get along with everyone, it just gets easy to finish your 12 hours shift.

What are your expectations from this role?

To explore my calibre further and to learn a lot.

Do you have any inspiration when it comes to acting?

Many, many I can’t name everyone but Mr Anupam Kher is someone that comes first and has done a variety of roles. I love his confidence as he played a character of 60yr old when he was just 22yrs old.

What is the big long-term goal you have in mind?

To learn and work, I treat my job more as a place to learn than a place to earn which keeps me going. I will continue in the same manner.

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