Jasmin Bhasin needs no introduction. The gorgeous, talented, and versatile diva has always captured attention, whether with her acting skills or free-spirited personality. However, she is also a renowned name in the fashion world. From stunning bodycon dresses to beautiful lehenga, her wardrobe collection has outfits for every occasion, and she carries her every look gracefully. Her new look in a beautiful floral gown is just another example that will leave you in awe of her fashion.

Jasmin Bhasin’s Princess Look In Floral Gown

Think of beautiful pastel color embellished with blissful pink flowers—undeniably a masterpiece. Such is Jasmin’s new look. The actress wore a pastel pink sheer gown featuring attractive, transparent detail defining her figure. The fitting bodice, followed by the flowy gown, looked royal. The beautiful threadwork and floral sequins embellished beautifully add a mesmerizing touch, making her look nothing short of a fairytale princess.

Jasmin Bhasin Exudes Glow Like Fairytale Princess In Rose Pink Floral Gown, See Photos 897322

Adorning her dreamy allure, Jasmin ditched heavy accessories and makeup. She opted for beautiful stud earrings to complement her outfit. Keeping it minimal, she allowed the gown to take the spotlight. Her open, wavy hairstyle added a touch of elegance to the floral appearance. The brownish eye shadow accentuates her beautiful eyes, while red cheeks give her oh-so-pretty visuals. With baby pink lips, she completes her dream Princess look, leaving onlookers in awe.