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The popular television actress Anjali Anand was recently fat-shamed by a troll on social media. Anjali is currently seen in the television show, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

Why Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Anjali Anand is a total inspiration

She plays the character of Lovely Gill in this popular show. A troll sent direct messages to Anjali on social media and asked her to join the gym, and the language used by the troll in question was in bad taste.

Anjali didn’t lose confidence it didn’t bicker and held her head high and shared all the screenshots of the messages exchanged between her and the troll on Instagram. After having a heated argument with the female troll, Anjali shared an inspiring post on her social media account, wherein she has urged people to not remain quiet. She asked them to “speak up” against fat-shaming.

Anjali’s Instagram post read: “I never thought I would be someone who uses social media to direct people in the right direction or make people aware of the hate they’re spreading. I thought me living my life my way would be example enough for people to feel inspired and not feel any less for the way they look or how people make them feel. But if something good comes out of it, why not? Don’t be quiet. Speak up. Call them. Shame them. It’s not you that’s the problem. It’s them.”

Prior to this show, Anjali Anand was seen in the daily soap titled, Dhhai Kilo Prem, wherein, an overweight couple was shown deep in love and dealt with problems coming along their way. In the show, the lines between real and reel blurred for Anand when she had to give a 14-minute monologue that expressed her feelings on being body shamed.

Nowadays we have a lot of ideal body images and body expectations which should totally stop. Whatever and however our body are we have to learn to love it, and that totally what Anjali has inspired us to do!!!

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