Divya Agarwal talks about MTV Ace The Quarantine

The lockdown has been quite emotional for me and Varun (Sood): Divya Agarwal

Stunning beauty Divya Agarwal, who shared screen space with her boyfriend Varun Sood in ALTBalaji series Ragini MMS: Returns, is yet again working on a project with her lover.

Divya is seen as a host for MTV Ace The Quarantine along with Varun. The show intends to gauge how individuals have aced their skills and are ready to compete against each other to win, despite limited space and resources, amidst the quarantine.

In an exclusive conversation with Divya, she speaks about the concept, lockdown phase and more. Read here!

What do you think about such a topic for a show?

I am very excited about it. I was glad that something like this coming in India which is all about content creation. As we know there are a lot of people in India who are influencers and who are in content making so it’s better to have a show which can help people to learn and help people to come on national television and showcase their talents. We don’t know yet that the response is good or not. Having said that, we also might take the show to another level in the next year.

What have you aced in during lockdown?

Well, talking about my acing, I have renovated my entire house. I have changed every detail of the house. I have been busy the past two months as I was doing this. Now, I feel that I should have a side business of interior designing (smiles). I am also looking for courses where I can learn something professionally because I feel what I have done is amazing and I am super proud of myself.

What has been the best part and worst part about this quarantine for you?

The best part was that since I was working for 12 years back to back so never had time to sit and relax. I got time with myself to chill. The worst part is when not working, you feel a little lost and get low. However, Varun and I pep each other up.

How has your bond evolved with Varun during this phase?

I would say that the lockdown has been quite emotional for us, we never had time to talk about problems of life or our insecurities and fears. We knew each other’s insecurities and fears but then we never had time to have a detailed conversation. Especially in this lockdown phase a lot of people have faced mental and stress issues so we found out that if we talk about it then it would be good for both of us.

The best part was that we never tried to change each other’s lives. We were together and I know he loves gymming and gaming so I never used to interfere in his activities. We never applied any restrictions on each other. I think I was the lazy one during this phase. I used to do household work but I was not working out too much or was not active on social media but he was cool with my comfort level and vice versa and that’s how a relationship should work.

Any final message for fans?

We are coming up with this show so we really want fans and viewers to watch it and enjoy it. We would be okay with constructive criticism but we won’t like it if anyone would troll any one of our contestants or talk ill about them. It is a positive show and I would expect fans to be positive towards it.

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