In conversation with Rajeshwari Sachdev

Love and respect keep my and Varun’s marriage going: Rajeshwari Sachdev


Veteran film and TV actress, Rajeshwari Sachdev, currently doing Sony show, Dil Hi Toh Hai, is not a big fan of digital content. “I am not glued to my phone to find out what’s the new online rage. Also, being mother of an 8-year-old, I am careful of what I watch,lest my son peeps in.”

“Web series makers are really pushing the freedom from lack of censorship, for sometimes, all I see is the lead characters banging each other, as if there is nothing else to do in life,” says Rajeshwari, who began her career with the Marathi film, Aayatya Gharat Gharoba, way back in 1991. Her well-known TV projects have included Margarita, Rihhaee and Laut Aao Trisha.

So how do you monitor what your child watches?

“Most of the time, he only watches cartoons;but sometimes certain channels dub the same,with inappropriate language, which does rankle a bit. But again, some content empowers him with such knowledge that he ends up asking about stuff which amazes me”.

Has he broached thebirds and bees topic yet? “Luckily, not yet;when he does raise queries about other age-sensitive stuff, I try to keep it as simple as possible. Why spoil his innocenceso fast.”

“But today’s generation kids are very smart, like I learnt to my disadvantage.Once, not wanting him to watch cartoons all the time, I unhooked the TV wires before leaving for work. Lo and behold, when I returned, he was happily watching TV.When asked about it, he quipped that some ghost reattached the cables.”

Rajeshwari and hubby, Varun Badola, will soon complete 14 years of a happy marriage. “I guess what works is that we share similar concerns and values.We haven’t yet got into a real nasty fight, though normal arguments do take place. Apart from the love, the need to keep the respect of other intact is a common factor in both of us.”

“For example, if my son complains to me that dad is not letting me do something, I will say he must be right.I might later question Varun about it, but never in front of our child.So we always watch each other’s backs.”

Any fear that your partner might stray. “Agreed, many folks out here are not only very good looking but intelligent as well. So we might appreciate someone, but are also aware that we have to come back home. Having said that, we don’t really fret about the future. Murphy’s Law just might come true. We will deal with it then.”

In closing, she says, “I will not use heavy-duty words like marriage is for keeps.Yes, it is work in progress. No one gets into a relationship thinking it won’t last. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. We are going good so far, touch wood.

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