Sheen Dass, the lead of Piya Albela talks about how the show has helped her hone her acting skills, and has given her the confidence to go on.

I am lucky to have come at a time when TV content is changing for the better: Sheen Dass

Sheen Dass has really enjoyed her bit in the popular Zee TV show Piya Albela. “I have got a lot to do in the past year and a half, ranging from playing a nine year old to a politician. I began as the girl next door. ”

Point out that there rumours that the show is finally on its way out, and she says, “Were it to happen, I have no regrets, for we have already had a lovely journey. I will be forever grateful to Rajshri (production house) for having given me this chance to hone my acting skills.”

Sheen, who began with character roles back in 2014, has had a gradual rise. “I am glad, for this way I value my success. It is not easy to keep your head above the water when you are struggling, but then I guess what kept me from parting from a grounded approach was my devotion to my craft.”

When asked whether the ball game has changed for her post Piya Albela, she says, “This will really be decided by the amount of work I land next. But yes, I have got lots of love and affection from my fans and am very thankful for the same.”

“Looking ahead, I am eager to try out well-etched-out characters. In a way, I am lucky to have come at a time when TV content is changing for the better.”

Unlike most other leads, Sheen wants her work to speak for itself. “I don’t really party or go all out on social media as well, for I am not very comfortable with the same. Instagram is a vehicle that enables me to stay in touch with my fans, period.”

“Also, my personal life is not very eventful. In a way, this is good, for it helps me stay focussed on the task ahead. I am confident that if I follow the above dictum, I will never be short of work,” she adds.

In closing, we ask her about her equation with her co-star, Akshay Mhatre. “I have never seen someone more dedicated to his work. In a way he inspires me to raise the bar as well. One more thing that gels with us as friends is that he is also quite a private person, who does not paint the town red.”

Wish you luck, Sheen!!


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