Shreya Dave of Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka talks about her wedding with Varun Parashar. Read here to know more about their love tale.

Marriage is a huge responsibility: Shreya Dave

Shreya Dave aka Kimaya of Sony TV’s show Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka had a court marriage on 29th September with her fiance, actor, and producer Varun Parashar. Said Shreya, “We wanted to wait for another two years but since my mother-in-law was unwell, we decided to get married now.” Asked why court marriage? Shreya said, “Since Varun hails from Punjab, traditional marriage consists of several ceremonies which would consume 15 days and I am busy shooting Barsatein.”

When asked how they met, Shreya said, “We met during the casting of one of his Punjab films. I did not make the cut being a Gujarati. But we became friends and soon fell for each other. The couple has been dating for the past five years.” Shreya says, “Varun’s honesty is what made me flip. He cares for everyone and does not “fake it till you make it”, as most other guys do.” When asked about the responsibility of marriage, both said, “It is scary; no wonder we took so much time. Marriage involves two individuals and families. But we finally decided to take the plunge as our wedding was always on the cards. ”

Shreya further informed that her entire Barsatein unit is very excited about their union .”Everyone wanted to know the date of our wedding, and were pleased to hear about the date. They are all waiting for a party we plan to throw soon.”

In closing, Shreya informed that she got married on her birthday. Varun laughed saying: “I will get hammered only once if I forget both.”