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Mental Health is extremely important in today’s time – Aalisha Panwar

Aalisha Panwar is certainly one of the most popular names of the Indian TV industry. She earned her share of name and fame courtesy her hard work in shows like Ishq Mein Marjavan, and Meri Gudiya. Apart from superb acting skills, she’s extremely gorgeous which makes her the ‘crush’ of a lot of people. Apart from some great work on TV, she’s also known to be a fun-loving person who can also be extremely sensitive in situations when needed.

At a time like this where there’s a global pandemic, everyone is going through a really tough phase. Mental health has become a big issue and people are dealing with depression. When we at IWMBuzz asked Aalisha about the importance of mental health and how one can be happy during this lockdown, she said and we quote,

“Oh yes absolutely. Mental health is something that is a big part of all of us. It is extremely important to be happy and right now with so many limitations going on, we all should look forward to finding happiness in whatever we like. I know the time is tough and it is easier said than done but we all need to focus on ourselves so that we not only come out as happy souls but also as better individuals once the lockdown gets over. Focus on one’s own condition is extremely important at this stage.”

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